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Check your General knowledge  is the project of logics Institute of Information Technology (Regd), provides competency-based and regular based short certificate courses . We belive that the actual person is taking the test online, but we do not guarantee. We issue competency based certificates on the request of students.

Skilled person can take a test to check and enhance their knowledge. Just Complete all level with at least 60% marks. After Passing the exam click on request certificate button, . We will contact you through the phone.
After passing the 1st level, you need to submit your email and password to register your data. Printing+ delivery charges are taken, If you want to get certificate hard copy. (Optional)

 currently following tests are available to enhance your knowledge.

  • Computer operator 
  • MS Office Professional
  • CCTV Camera
  • Graphics Designing
  • English language
  • Safety Officer OSHA
  • A+ Hardware Test
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic Electronics 
  • Online Typing


Tests & Quizzes You Can Take

Following Test & Quizzes you can take if you have already studied about this. These quizzes are made to make Student's Proficiency better and Enhance their Skills. If you think you are perfect in the subject then try the quiz and we will tell you how good you are. We have different level of quizzes from Beginner to Expert, you can pass them level by level and become expert in the Course and we will send you Certificate.

Online tests system

Introducing a new online test system for the students, who have knowledge of any Trade, but don't have certificate. We have designed each test in levels, after passing the first level you have to register, in order to save your scores.
After passing the first level, login to the website, and go to your profile for the next level. If you pass the second level too, you can go to the final exam. After passing the final exam, you can request for your Diploma. Before sending your Diploma request, please carefully complete your profile, especially your mailing address and contact number.
After each level you can review your given answers, green button represent correct answers and red denote incorrect answers. Click on the red answers to see the correct answer.
In this way you can not only get lot of knowledge for competitive exams, but also take your Diploma.

Top Students Last Week

  • Sultan Mahmud Ali
    MS Office Professional

  • Shahid Jan Amin
    MS Office Professional

  • Muhammad Usman
    A+ Hardware Certificate

  • Muhammad naeem gabol
    C I T

  • Muhammad Umer
    Computer operator

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