Frequently Asked Question?

General Questions
Yes account registration is compulsory , after passing first step, you need to register you name and eamail, and go to the next level.
Our online test system is 100% free, you can take all tests free, to enhance your knowledge, but if you want to get certificate hardcopy at your home address, we will charge Fee.
Yes, students can take all the available tests same time.

In order to get certificate, students need to pass 3 levels, each with least 60% scores, After passing the all levels, don't forget to click on "Request certificate" button. We will contact you, via phone after recieving your order. issues only certificates on the request of participants. This is the project of LOGICS Software House & Institute of Information Technology. We issue certificates, from Logics Institute,(Registered from the Govt of KPK Pakistan) valid for job .

Don't worry, you can take again and again untill you get required passing marks, we display ranadom quizes each time. You can not register unless you score 60 % marks.


Questions About Quizzes
We have MCQs type of quizzes with relevant pictures. You just need to click on the write answer, we will calculate your result at the end, each quiz has one mark,
There are hundes of quizes in each subject, and also writing new quizzes, with latest information.