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Safety OSHA

Safety Officer OSHA certificate

What is OSHA certification?

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has been designed to prevent work-related injuries, accidents and death by enforcing health and safety standards for companies. Most companies are required to have OSHA certification to operate.
Created under the Occupational Health and Safety Code of 1970, OSHA is an agency operated by the Department of Labor, which aims to make and maintain a safe, healthy work environment for businesses.
Who needs certification
OSHA regulates almost all companies in the private sector. The public sector does not fall under OSHA rules, but is required to provide equivalent protection under OSHA regulations. OSHA certification is best completed by a personnel specialist or the people who deal with OSHA day-to-day questions about a business.
Certification is required so that companies can protect employees from work-related illnesses, accidents, injuries or death. Companies must have OSHA certification to implement standards for work safety and health.
How To Get Certification
The certification is given after the OSHA training program is completed by the OSHA Training Institute. The institute provides education and training in safety and health protection. Courses range from 10 to 30 hours.
training centers
OSHA training for certification can be done online or at OSHA Training Institute education centers at various locations across the country. For a map available centers, see Resources.

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