General knowledge

General knowledge have 3 Levels.

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1 Level
2 Level
3 Final exame

Benefits of General Knowledge

Being knowledgeable in a general way has multiple benefits in everyday life. Easy to make friends A person having general knowledge surely has a huge store of information with him and talk easily on a multitude of subjects. Whether, it is politics, sports, geography or current affairs. Making friends comes naturally with a bulk store of knowledge. A person with such awareness of the World can hardly feel misfit in any gathering or environment.

Improves decision power

Improved decision power and capability naturally springs from being generally knowledgeable. Having general knowledge makes one more understanding of the people and their various circumstances. Knowing things makes it easier to reach informed decisions. It saves one the hassle of knocking various doors in order to make up your mind. Family and friends also find it beneficial to consult a person with better experience, knowledge, and understanding of the World. Anyone having knowledge of affairs is difficult to lie to and cheat. A generally knowledgeable person understands the difference between fake and real.

Understand the world better

Anyone who lacks basic and general knowledge about the world is bound to understand the world less. It is a commonly known fact that anyone who has more knowledge of the World and surroundings around him understands the matters of the World better. For example, if someone does not know the location of the Gawadar port, he will never understand why it is important for Pakistan. For that matter, if one does not know, what the Petrodollar is; how will he come to understand why the prices of dollar and oil are intertwined so greatly? So, in the ever-changing dynamics of the modern world, the importance of general knowledge is ever so increasing; simply to comprehend what is going on.

Knowledgeable parents are better at parenting

A parent, who has a basic knowledge of his surroundings and how the world works, is a better parent, as compared to someone with no knowledge whatsoever. If the parent lacks information, how is he supposed to guide the child through his life? Children look up to their parents for answers to their every question. Not knowing; can be embarrassing for the parent and demoralizing for the child.

A better citizen

A person with general knowledge about the norms, traditions, and cultures, tends to be a better overall citizen. He understands the significance of all these things in society and can cope with them in any environment what so ever. Having general knowledge makes him understand the working of society better and thus, contribute to it more effectively. General knowledge; while, it makes our personality more appealing and attractive to others, also tends to be very handy and helpful for ourselves. In a World, where every qualified person knows everything about something in particular; becoming the person who knows something important about everything can really make a difference.

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